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    (Smith/Doorstop, October 2013, £5
    ISBN 978-1-906613-99-0)


    A new short collection of poems, each one of which begins ‘This poem…’. Bankers, tax havens, call centres, the riots, Jimmy Savile and the Olympics -- all these and more appear alongside tender and more personal pieces. These witty and astute snapshots of contemporary life are a topical tour-de-force --  'news that will stay news'.


    Time was when poetic talent came dearer than gold...(Ovid, Amores,3,8)

    This poem is my annual bonus...I know, know
    most folk slog away for a modest return with no extras
    and their work's in the public interest
    teaching and healing and cleaning and stuff. Whereas.

    But I'm a poet, and who are you to interfere
    If the powers above choose to reward me?
    Remember the value of the words I generate
    and I shall contribute to the cultural economy

    Be warned: if you deprive us poets of bonuses,
    we'll be forced to move and work abroad
    In a different language, and London will lose its place
    as the poetry hub of the Western world.

    Is that what you want? No? I thought not.
    You're just jealous of the cats that get the cream,
    Go on, admit it: we're worth our bonuses.
    Every stanza. Every line-break. Every half-rhyme.



    Morrison brings delicately
    descriptive gifts and an alert
    intellect to his survey of the
    contemporary world
    – The Scotsman

    One of our most sensitive and
    stylish writers.
    – Sunday Times

    Blake Morrison is a bloody marvel
    – you should read everything that
    carries his name.
    – Tony Parsons



    • 32 pages
    • Publisher: Smith/Doorstop
    • Language: English
    • ISBN: 978-1-906613-99-0

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