The First Book of Madrigals


The First Book of Madrigals. Music by Gavin Bryars, for unaccompanied male voices (2000)

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    Gavin commissioned thirteen poems from Blake to be set to music – they were first sung by the Hilliard Ensemble in Finland in December 2000. Eleven of them subsequently appeared, along with others, in Blake's sequence ‘Madrigalia', in the Selected Poems . Two others, ‘Web' and ‘Against Dieting' have not been collected.

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    Gavin Bryars: First Book of Madrigals - For Unaccompanied Male Voices These Madrigals were written especially for the Hilliard Ensemble with who Gavin Bryars has worked for many years. The texts are by the poet and writer Blake Morrison.

    Almond Tree
    Just As The Ash-Glow`
    Within Minutes
    Our Bodies In The Shower
    She'd Buy Things
    All The Homely Arts And Crafts
    In April
    Who's The More To Blame
    The Print Of Soles
    My Pomegranate
    Against Dieting



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